NLatest single "blame" out Now 

Mikalyn’s ascent in the music business has been, in some respects, an atypical journey thus far. She gained an initial unconventional foothold when a Brazilian record label discovered her original, piano-driven music on Soundcloud and offered to transform them into EDM hits. What followed were monster collaborations with the likes of Zuffo, Diskover, Ownboss, and Evokings. These collaborations, although not the direction she expected to take at the beginning of her career, were crucial steppingstones in building her repertoire and fan base, ultimately introducing new listeners to her original alt-pop stylings..


On “Blame,” Mikalyn strikes chords capable of resonating with anyone who has dealt with heartbreak in their life. Displaying an emotional maturity well beyond her 19 years, the track documents the grieving process following a relationship breakdown in which harsh realities are faced and former truths get called into question. Mikalyn’s ethereal vocal harmonies dominate the track as she asserts control over her destiny and refuses to capitulate to guilt over the relationship’s demise.

With a voice that has been described as "timeless" by some and "haunting" by others, she brings her incredible vocal tone and original twist on every song she sings – whether one of her catchy originals or a great interpretation of a cover song ranging from Radiohead to Lady Gaga and more.



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The most challenging thing for a teenaged singer-songwriter like me is getting noticed.  But you're here on my website which means that you have noticed me!  Thank you! 😊


But please don't go anywhere just yet.  The second most challenging thing for me is getting support from the people who have finally noticed me!


We live in a world where so much information is thrown in our faces every day.  I recently read that we each see 700 ads per day and we see way more Facebook posts, Instagram pics, and Youtube videos.  Literally thousands of messages are pushed to us daily!  So, it's easy for my music/videos/posts to get buried underneath all of that!


So, besides the obvious (Buying/Streaming my MUSIC or MERCH), you can also support me in 3 very impactful ways.