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So happy to release my second independent CD.  Its called 12:15, which stands for 12 original songs at 15 yrs old.  It's a bit of a trick title (see if you can figure it out after you get the CD).  It's been a labor of love and learning.  2017 has been amazing - I have learned from every single person I have had the pleasure of working with.  The songs are personal and mean a lot to me but I hope they mean something to you.  Home, and Cheap Canadian Whisky were written solely by me.  Fade Away was written with Roger Beckett and recorded in Nashville.  Gone, Devil You Know, Mirror, Titanic, with award winning team Bobby John and the Murray Diagle.  Now That It's Over was written with the talented Rosanne Baker-Thornley and North Easton. Up, Sneaky and Keyboard were written with two wonderful friends who are my Canadian connection in Nashville, beautiful Maddy Rodriguez and Johnny Simmen.  Last but not least Everything is Different was a fun song written with Jonathan Pike.   I am proud of these tracks and I truly love the people in the music business, that have been so supportive.  More than that I am thankful that I have fans who are my friends that are inspiring me to continue ahead.  Thank you for being there with me.

Mikalyn Hay - 12:15 CD

SKU: 364215376135191
  • If you want, I will send you a signed autographed poster to thank you for your order.  

  • I will ship for free to North America - included in the sale price :)  - just make sure when you check out you fill out the address section. So I can run to the post office and get your CD to you.  Thank you again. 

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