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Week 3 SAC Challenge - Collaboration

This week was packed for me. It was the week of SongStudio (which was absolutely amazing, I'll post a blog on that soon!!) so I had lots on my mind. Luckily, my friend Gordon Wong (who I had collaborated with last year) helped me out. Gordon is great, he understands how busy it is being in SongStudio, and put up with my weird schedule and taking forever to respond!! He's also great with beats, and made the backing track for the song. I really enjoyed this weeks challenge mostly because it was a challenge to get it done. This week I wanted to change up my tempo and try something different. Well with Gordon Wong at the controls you know that is going to be a given. Thanks SAC for everything and to my fellow writers - keep it up - you are all writing great stuff!!

Sorry this is so short, I just got back to Guelph and I have one day to get 3 songs perfected - I get to play a short set at Yonge and Dundas Square on Sunday at around 1:00 as part of the youth day Celebrations.


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