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S.A.C Songwriting Challenge Week 1

For the past 3 years, I've been doing the Songwriting Challenge, through the S.A.C (Songwriters Association of Canada.)

When I heard about this years Songwriting Challenge, I was super excited, even though it would get busy. I mean, the month of July is usually packed, but this year I had SongStudio added to mix. It's going to be a lottt of writing! This year we also have some mentors that I know and have worked with before, which made it even better.

Now lets get in to this week.

This weeks challenge was pretty hard for me. I had written songs with 2 chords before, (This Flame with Zack Werner, Alexandra Hawse, Ella & Jaime Daub, and Tina) and even a song with one main chord, Titanic with Murray Daigle and Bobby John (it's still in the works:)) but for some reason, I always wanted to add more chords. Even just one chord seemed like it would change the entire song, make it better. But that's not the challenge. If so many great artists could write amazing songs using only 2 chords, then so could I. I mean, I've done it before!! So with that mindset, I started writing the song. As a young artist, I'm still trying to find "my sound." I'm in an experimental stage. This song is a bit out of my comfort zone, because I took inspiration from a few different genres. Once I finished writing, it was time to start recording. I use LogicProX. The recording process wen't pretty well, but we decided to give it another day so it would go smoother.

The next day, we recorded and then voila!! We had a song!

This challenge has been tricky but fun. I'm super excited for the weeks to come, the people I meet and the knowledge I'll get out of it.

Special thanks to Murray for mentoring the first week.

Mikalyn :)

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