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Fall in Love Again - in finals for ISC

Last spring I received an email from a young 16 yr old producer and writer from Toronto. He was really nice and had a great song that he wanted a female singer on. He asked me if I would sing on it. I said sure, so we met up in Toronto at Pirate Studio. Chris who goes by "Xtro" and his dad Rohan, met us at the Studio and I recorded the vocals for Xtro's song called Nostalgic. (check it out on YouTube. Then suddenly Chris and his family suffered an incredible loss and I am sure Chris will share that story with you someday. All I can sang is he is incredibly strong A while after, Chris came out to Guelph for a co-write. He brought his laptop, fired up logic pro X and in the course of that Saturday afternoon we came up with "Fall in Love Again". I think its a pretty cool collaboration of our two unique styles and the song means a lot to both of us. Since then, We have co-written 5 more songs and are working on mixing and mastering them and shooting some videos - its been a really fun DIY project and I cant wait to share it with you in the coming months. In the meantime if you want to check out the song - they have a cool contest that has some great prizes for the most votes. You can listen here - and let me know what you think. All it takes to vote is your name and email address - you dont have to login or anything.

Xtro and Mikalyn

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