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In the Shadows of Giants

Me and the King

Show at the Sip Club in Guelph, taken by Margaret Podmore

Can you believe it's already May?

I sure can't. It seems like just yesterday I was coming up with goals for the year, and trust me when I say this year has been pretty eventful.

Over the past few months I have been writing a lot. I'm in the process of finding my "style" and figuring out who I am as an artist. This process led me to writing "the project" with Murray Daigle and Bobby John. This led us to writing 3 songs, which will be on an upcoming EP. Since then, I've continued to write with Murray and we have a few gems that will be released eventually.

On top of writing, I have been doing lots of live shows, at least one a week. My sets have been growing bigger and bigger, which is interesting. It's cool to look back on how I was, even a year ago, and how I've grown.

The final thing is the other day, I had the pleasure of working with Hujat to do some live off the floor videos. This will hopefully lead to more videos that are high quality on my YouTube for all of you to watch.

This year has been crazy busy but crazy fun. I will keep everyone updated on the next few months.

Talk soon,

Mikalyn :)

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