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Being Resilient

Last Thursday I was preparing to open at a show at the Tenny in Toronto when I got a call. The show was moving to a new location and could be cancelled. Jenna Glatt and her team scrambled quickly to find a new venue and the great folks at The Central in Toronto had an opening. So we continued our plan to head to Toronto. When we arrived we could sense the disappointment - the stage was not big enough for Jenna and her band mates to play their set and do it justice. Jenna was obviously upset but encouraged me to set up for my acoustic set. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly set things up. My good friend Tyler Simmons who brings his guitar everywhere jumped on stage with me and we did an acoustic set. It was a thrill to play for Jenna and the evening was capped off for me when Jenna jumped on stage and we did a couple songs together. She has a great voice and I cant wait to see her live show soon. If you get a chance check out her latest release called Drunk and Dreaming by Jenna Glatt. As well stay tuned for some new music from me. Working on many new songs with some great people. Also excited to play 4 songs with 7 other songwriters at 120 Diner in Toronto at a Nashville Style Round event. Cant wait.

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