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Moving Forward

Its been a crazy week, in a good way. The challenge with music is that its hard to know which things to go after and when. My plan at the moment is to take every opportunity that comes my way. This week I had a few great things happen. One of the highlights was being interviewed by Ronia Michael on an Indie station in Erin FM 91.7. I brought my keyboard in and Ronia and I chatted for 30 minutes and I got to play some songs live on the radio - I will post the link when its up for the podcast. Apparently I didnt sound like a complete fool - ha ha.

The second fun thing for the week was that I was selected by Roger Beckett to be part of his new songwriters round in Toronto at 120 Diner. It was a thrill to play 4 original songs for an appreciative crowd. Thanks Rosanne, Michael, Kim and Tyle, and my friend Tony for coming out. Also cool to Ared as well. Singers and songwriters are such a supportive group.

Third cool happening - was that I did a fun song with a finnish producer who goes by the name Max-Well on soundcloud. He sent me a backtrack and I did a fun topline for it. He liked it and mixed it into the song. He released it on Friday and its had over 6500 plays in less than a week - which i didnt expect. I wish I could get those kinds of plays on my original songs. Here is the link to it on youtube -

Fourth thing is that my song Save Yourself was re-released by Tabletop Records and with any luck their incredible support will help the song gain some traction - because I really love the song. Soundcloud:

Sorry for the long post, This week I will be on a podcast called Dharmic Revolution and hope to do lots of writing. I was also contacted by an extraordinary gentlemen for what could be a very very exciting project in the new year - so stay tuned for that. Thanks for coming with me on my journey.

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