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Liv Love Lyrics and More

Last year the Liv, Love and Lyrics event was a really big deal for me. I got to meet and perform on the same stage as Tyler Shaw and I learned the inspirational, story of the late Olivia Wise, and her courageous battle with Cancer at such a young age. Since then her family has turned this tragedy into something positive and are doing all they can to raise money for Sick Kids and cancer research.

This event also inspired me to chase my dreams to be a musician and singer songwriter. So, needless to say I was thrilled when the organizer Michele asked if I could sing a couple songs in this years event at the Mod Club in Toronto. Again - the event was stellar. The place was packed, the food incredible, the stories so heartfelt and moving. The doctors who worked with Olivia were in attendance and he told the story of how he has been taking the sweatshirt Olivia had given him and is running in every country he visits with it!!

The headliner this year, was Virginia to Vegas, who I found out spent some of his life in Guelph (small world). He was outstanding and he also was touched by cancer as he lost his father this year to the horrible disease. As well the host Rudy Blair (who was incredible) also spoke about how cancer robbed him of his brother just over a year ago. I was also super excited that my friend Mamie Cathcart came along with Anna ( who is the star of the hit show Odd Squad). Despite having to get up super early for shooting the next day, she stayed the entire nite and even signed some autographs for a few of the kids in the audience that spotted her in attendance - it was so cute.

So being a part of this special nite was very important for me. I wrote a song about loss and hope that I sang for Olivia's family and I will record it soon and share with them. Its called "With You". I hope I can make it some kind of fundraiser for the LivWise Foundation somehow. ( I will keep you posted.

Performing Free as a Bird at Liv, Love and Lyrics

I have lots of things happening musically at the moment, which is what I hoped for, I know that I need to keep working hard, writing, and taking things one step at a time. Thanks Michele and Kari for letting me part of Olivia's story. You are both inspirational women!!

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