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Busy Week of Music and Song.

When I reflect on 2016, I am amazed at how fast it went and how much fun I had. Musically its been fantastic. I will write a bigger blog on that next week. The past 10 days included 3 trips to Toronto to perform with the talented duo from Newfoundland called Earle and Coffin at Free Times Cafe. Then it was off to London for the DollHouse Showcase. I loved both performance opportunities. Here is a cover of Jolene with Earle and Coffin. It was an impromptu cover and we had fun with it.

The sound guy at Doll House at Tabu in London was excellent and I sang a new song written recently for the Liv Love and Lyrics event. Hope to record this one soon. Here is a video of that song.

Besides that I wrote a new song with the talented trio of power - Rosanne Baker-Thornley, North Easton and Tyler Simmons. Look for a fun duet from us early in the new year. Also sang a couple songs with Kelly Raftis at the Basilica in Guelph at a wedding. Tonite I am holed up in Toronto to work on a couple new songs as well with Bobby John and Murray Daigle. Also have some new music that I am excited to share soon that was a collaboration with Maddy Rodriquez and Johnny Simmen who are extremely great and talented team. Also excited about possibly being cast in our high-schools rendition of Grease - stay tuned to see if I make it :)

Thats it for this week!! As always - more to come :) and thanks for tuning in or lending me your ears :)

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